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Boat-hotel Rotterdam
Zuid-Holland | more info
B&B Rose Court
Limburg | more info
B&B Bed en Beschuit
Zuid-Holland | more info
Bed & Breakfast Emmaplein
Friesland | more info
Noord-Brabant : Efteling attraction park

Holiday accommodation in county Noord-Brabant

B&B Beukenhof

The second chamber only in combination with the first room rented. There is a "living room" with TV and seating. In the morning you get a full breakfast in our living room. Nearby are many places maki...

Holland » Noord-brabant » Molenschot

Rates from € 50 per room

B&B Ouwerveldezicht

B&B Ouwerveldezicht is located on the south side of watercourse 'Zoom' to Wouwse Plantage. The building is a partially restored old farmhouse situated in the agricultural landscape of the Ouwervelden....

Holland » Noord-Brabant » Wouwse Plantage

Rates from € 40 per person

De Kunstpraktijk

De Kunstpraktijk offers you with pleasure a Bed & Breakfast service. The guestrooms are both well equipped and have a modern bathroom and kitchen, internet and their own entrance. In the morning you c...

Holland » Noord-Brabant » Veldhoven

Rates from € 35 per person